Monday, January 11, 2010

3.14159265 and the love of God

A few people have described The life of Pi, the book by Yann Matel as life changing. Certainly there are some amazing insights into life. There is a story within, which I could almost hear Jesus saying in a parable. (or I wish he would have said).
Pi the main character takes up three religions. Hinduism of his family heritage, Christianity and Islam. All three of which he practices actively. By coincidence all three religious teachers meet up. They start arguing about which religion Pi must take up with the exclusion of the others. Pi's parents ask for his choice. In which Pi reply's:

"I Just want to Love God"

All are astounded at his answer, and melt away in silence.
(Strangely for me I had images of Jesus and the woman caught in Adultary, John 8: 1-11)

If we are perusing God with all our 'hearts, and mind'. We will be in for a wild ride. The Amplified bible in Matthew 22:36:

37-40Jesus said, "'Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.

I like the how the the amplified uses the word "intelligence". It implies a wrestling with God to pursue him more deeply, with what ever means.

In my post : "The number 42, the meaning for everything", I put forward that liberal theologians may be a stepping stone towards faith. Nathan in his comments put forward that it may also work the other direction "a step toward unbelief on the part of believers".

Yet I see the heading in a more 'liberal' faith as a pursuit of God. An Intellectual honesty, is what I like to think of it.
Just as an atheist can't turn on faith like a tap. I believe it is the same for those who believe in God. You just can't turn that faith off. That is why I'm not particularly worried about a person loosing there faith. I'm more worried in the calling off the pursuit of God.
I've tried to not believe. In many ways it would be easier. But I just keep coming back.

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