Tuesday, October 13, 2009

‘futurum’ and ‘adventus’

My, Lecturer and Mentor Les Henson put up a post on ‘futurum’ and ‘adventus’,

Futurum’ is God working out his purposes in and through the everyday events of life, by which his work and reign is extended. It is mission that progresses through the means of the ordinary and the routine acts of mission personnel, local church members and organisational structures. ‘Adventus’ involves those times when God intervenes in history directly and dramatically (Ex. 3, Is.6 and Acts 2). It is mission that progresses through the extraordinary and unforeseen interventions of God. Ideally, mission should include both these aspects, God’s extraordinary work and the everyday instrumentality of human beings and their organisations.

I think there is a lot of truth with this stuff. Even in a Westen Culture. Though I see as mission and its language becomes more main stream heading towards the 'Futurum', in the West. The cowboys (Adventus) that I first meet. Especially in Forges early years appear to have been tamed a bit. Content to partner or even join the main stream.

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