Friday, October 9, 2009

How to build great relatioships, Brian Houston.

I was pleasantly surprises with this book. Overall there was some pretty helpful advice on numerous types of relationships.
The area which I think let things down was the exegesis. For example, the section on 'The relationship with your children' most of the scripture was based on the Lords Prayer, Jesus teaching us to pray. It's not that the scriptures didn't fit with what was written. I just think the main, idea of the scripture quoted needs to be acknowledged.
The other aspect which I felt a bit annoying was interpreting church through a 'Hillsong' lenses and expectations.
Under the heading 'secrets for a strong marriage'. '
Two people who love the House of God.''Blessed are those who dwell in Your House' (psalm 84:4).
Now this psalm was written in regards to the Jewish
synagogue. Now my understanding of the new Testament the 'Temple' has moved. I can't help thinking Brian is bringing a fair bit of his own interpretion to this.
I do think Christian community is important. Yet I get the feeling Brian has a pretty narrow view of what this looks like by his interpretation of church.
One of the good things about the book is it's finished in an hour. It's also pretty easy to read.

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