Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leadership ::4 Alan Hirsch, moving on...

Sometimes a person will say something which sits very deeply with you. It is how I have evaluated part of my own ministry and, for the good or bad others ministry as well.

That person was Alan Hirsch. What he said was basically that every five years your leadership methods needs to change. That in five years if there has been no significant growth then things need to change. If in five years there has been significant growth then there is a need for change in your leadership methods because you are now working with more people.
If after ten years, where there was no significant growth in the first five years and there was a re-jigging of leadership methods, then there was still no significant growth in ten years . Then its time to move on.

I have seen beyond a doubt churches, which are stagnate, yet the main leadership is satisfied that they are doing alright. Mmmm, time for critical evaluation I would say. Just looking at the Hirsch idea is a good place to start.

Its petty good idea, except I think five years is to long. I'd like to think a more realistic time would be three to four years.


steven hamilton said...

actually, i love re-evaluating!

although, after reading this, i wonder as you re-evaluate and shift, a good question that i always ask is: what we consider to be "significant"...

Scott said...

Hi Steven,

Strangely enough if I can remember rightly it was numerical numbers in a church. Which from what I know of Alan is unlike him, I would have expected a more holistic definition of "Significant"