Sunday, September 6, 2009

Phillip Island RSL, 'The Pint'

Just finnished a meal at the Phillip Island RSL. There were a couple of strange experiences. The first was when I wanted a beer.
I walked up noticing there was a good selection of beers on tap, I procced to order a 'pint', of coppers pale ale. The women went on to pour me a 'pot'. I said to her I wanted a 'pint'. In which she said
"you can only get that in guinness" I replied then
"I'll have that then" and she proceded to tip the coppers pale ale down the drain. When I told her it was stupid I couldn't have a pint of coppers. She went on to tell me it was for 'nutritional' reasons. Bah.
The other thing which happened was at 6pm all the lights went out except for the lights of the play stations from the kids room, and the poker machines. Then a bloke went on to talk about lost diggers and stuff like that. Inspirational! Better than church. It brought back memorys of storys my grandfather told me of getting bombed by the Japs in Darwin.
I thought they should have turned off the poker machines, much better to have played the 'last post' than the crappy sound of coin from poker machines.

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