Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mick and Ruby Dunan, Forge intensive

Just a few points regarding Mick and Ruby Duncan, from New Zealand, speaking at Forge's 2nd intensive.

I went to the first session and Christina went to the second.

Mick adn Ruby spoke on 'companion' theory. Which they named 'Alongsiders' and modified the content.
Alongsiders is not necessarily 'friendship', Friendship being an organic relationship.

Being an 'alongsiders' is getting alongside a person who is socially isolated, who would normally be disliked.

That the relationship is genuine in nature.

Not progamatic in nature

Has 5 stages

Growth and maintenence
Decline deterioration

To be effective it needs to be 18 months plus.

The content presented was brilliant stuff. I think as Christians we often think we have to be friends with everyone. Mick revealed that with integrity you can still walk along side a person authentically.

I'll be getting the mp3s which I missed.
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