Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frank Viola Re-imagining Church, Chapter 4

This chapter is basically about house Church. Anything other than a house church for the New Testament Christians ‘ would have been looked upon as being out of the ordinary.’ Viola supports this argument pretty well. I’m not sure that this could disputed biblically, other than to say that some evangelism, debate occurred in the Jewish synagogue. That certainly for the messianic Jews part of the culture of Judaism certainly involved regular attendance to the synagogue.
A point to consider which I don’t think Viola addressed is- Just because some modern Churches have turned something large 50+ into megadom does this make it wrong? I don’t think so, so long as the elements that you get in a ‘house church’ are addressed. I’ve had one discussion from a person who went to a ‘large church’ yet described his home group as ‘his church’ and the Sunday gather as an adjunct to that. I liked that.

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