Monday, January 12, 2015


Christina has been typing away at night, busily forefilling her commitment to squeeze out a poem for each day of the month. I was particuly fond of this piece of political satire where they are collection of words that have come out of Tony Abbots mouth and Christina has linked them into this piece.

Housewives of Australia
have a bit of sex appeal
very connected
young, feisty
I probably feel a bit threatened
We always have
Enormous numbers of women
They are different
simply doing housework
Focused on the household budget
As they do the ironing
It’s folly to think they will ever dominate
I don’t think its a bad thing at all
The most convenient exit
From awkward situations
The easy way out
To be on Team Australia’s shirtfront
A place for everything
Not everyone’s place
I don’t have any magic answers
You can catch more of Chrisina's month of poetry at Sojourn

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