Sunday, January 11, 2015

A fellow traveller...

Sometimes you read something that you could have written yourself. Jason Coker wrote a post called "A dispatch beyond the borders of Church". It appears to be a very similar story to myself and Christina. For example

"What’s interesting is, we wouldn’t have this life if we were still in church. I don’t mean that as a judgement of the good thing that church is for many people, but if we were still in church we wouldn’t have the space for the life we live now. And it’s a better life. We enjoy more honesty, openness, and relational depth and diversity than ever, even though only a few of our friends are people of faith."

I know what Jason means; and I look forward to his insights in the next part of his journey. 
I suppose with me it is only now that I'm prepared to start or be something that is connected with Church after a five year break. To step forward from the back seat which we occasionally sit. 
It feels to use Richard Rohr language I have moved to the second stage of life. The five year break has been the space in which I transitioned.

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