Sunday, October 13, 2013

C.S Lewis and modern scholarship

It still seems to me that Christians have C.S Lewis as a bit of a poster boy. I've read most of his work, fiction, theological, it's good easy to read with some complex ideas made simple.

Yet I can't help thinking after reading an author like Bart Erhan who has spent decades looking at the historical Jesus that Lewis would have revised some of the ways he looks at Christiantiy, under what scholarship we have learnt after his death. Maybe he may have emphasised more the tradition, than inerrancy. That Jesus and what he had to say about him would be more gray due to new historical methods of interpreting Scripture. I'm sure he would never written his famous trilemma line about Jesus who was either, true, a looney or a lier, or at least with some good qualifications. It would have never stood up to modern scholarly criticism and I'm sure he would have known this.

Who knows...

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