Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sunday Assembly

The Age reported on a group of atheists who meet on Sunday which looked a bit like church without God. "The Sunday Assembly".

During the week I went along to a community garden and kitchen project. I meet a couple of new faces and while the gardening was central I'm sure in most part it was about community meeting and getting to know others, as well as benifiting the community. Really worthwhile. For me this sort of thing is very much an extension of my Christianity

I think what the "Sunday assembly is doing is similar, it's part of our DNA. To have fellowship and to be a positive influence on those around us. Their focus probably is on system of beliefs without God.

I suspect that how well they do will be dependent on how they sell the message If you look at the classy presentations, contemporary worship, emphasis on the tithe, that the large growing churches are pushing I doubt the assembly will get much more than a handful showing up regularly. They have a lot to learn from the Church.

Never the less its good to see a diversity of opinions and people who want to make a positive influence on society.


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