Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Christian politics?

Reading the Bendigo advertiser I got the first glimpse of the Christian party "Rise up Australia's" policy. The candidate Sandra Caddy response was the “Islamisation of Australia". It's a bit odd considering Bendigo is one of the most "Australian" city in Australia.

On readying the wiki entry page on Rise up Australia we get::

"The Rise Up Australia Party's energy policy also claims that currently Australia's coal fired power stations don't produce any traceable CO2 emissions and that they're 99.99% energy efficient. they have plans to repeal the carbon tax if elected[13]"

Obviously they've never driven into the smog of the Latrobe Valley...

If there is one thing that is obvious this "Christian" party stands for nothing that the Jesus I know. It makes me sad that most non-Christians get reinforced the idea that Christians are nutters.

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