Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mystics, A history of God, Karen Armstrong

I'm still plodding my way through 'A history of God', I'm reading the chapter on mystics. It's interesting that all three monotheistic religions have 'mystics' who are content with the mystery or unknown element of God, whilst also having a very experiential element to their faith.

One part that caught my eye was how Jewish mystics would prefer not to have a spoken dialog with God rather just to dwell and experience his overwhelming holiness.

It was reminiscent for me, of "ministry". Especially in the Vineyard denomination, at the end of a service, when people were prayed for. I'd heard a number of times pastors saying just to sit in Gods Holiness or his Presence.

It's made me wonder is Pentecostalism at times just a contemporary form of mysticism? It would seem to me that instead of trying to explain away evidence of the Spirit using Evangelical theology maybe it would be worthwhile looking at the Eastern Church and its mystics to explain the Unknown...


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