Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Around the garden native and indiginous

Today we went to the Barb Martin bush and brought a few Indiginous plants to fill a few gaps in the front. While if I had the chance I fill the whole garden with edible and ornamental plants. There is a place for indigenous: once established they don't need extra water and they attract local wild life.

So he plants that I got were::

Common Tussock Grass, I'll probably get a few more of these plants to fill up more gaps.

Coastal daisy bush, I think. (The tag has gone missing)

Kangaroo Apple, this actually has from what I've read an edible fruit, but it has to be ripe otherwise it is poisonous. I think I'll leave it for the birds.


Coastal banksia, this was a bit of a mistake, I brought 3, I thought they were a shrub not a tree. So two are coming out....


This is not indigenous a friend gave it to us, a Tucker Time Honey Pot. A shrub from the mallee which attracts a lot of birds with its blossoms.


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