Thursday, June 6, 2013

Volkswagen and poor PR

The last week or so Fairfax has waged a campaign regarding the reliability of Volkswagen vehicles. As a Volkswagen owner you take notice. Prior to my purchase I'd done a fair bit of homework what I read about the DSG made me certain I was not going to be purchasing the automatic. So what fairfax had written is not new to me. What is new is the other problems. The apparent poor customer service and the huge wait time for any warranty claims.

I can't help but be concerned with "drive's" assessment

"The Department of Infrastructure and Transport is investigating issues of sudden deceleration. Volkswagen's German headquarters has refused to respond to Fairfax Media's questions on engine failures and transmission recalls. Volkswagen Australia has been equally silent, and dealerships appear to have been gagged by the company from speaking to the media"

Again as an owner you can't help but loose confidence in the brand and the way the company has responded.



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