Saturday, June 8, 2013

The greening of Gavin


One of my regular read blogs "The greening of Gavin", has just put up a freebie. Gavin who writes the posts is giving away his ebook, "the greening of Gavin, my first year of living sustainably".

I've just finished the book and it was an enjoyable read. (Though I confess, I'm not sure it should have ever been up for sale). I suppose both Gavin and myself are on a similar journey. While Gavin had an "epiphany" after watching a movie. I've alway been moving in a sustainable direction, yet my motivation has a strong spiritual grounding. Basically it's Gods creation which is good to very good and we should be looking after it.

I suspect this is part of Gavins "epiphany" but maybe not acknowledged or understood.

So yes the things Gavin has done is similar to myself. The car, the garden, chooks, solar. Something's he does heaps better than me, but I've got a few thing up on him.

It's worth a download

2.5/5 with a good editor 3.5/5


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