Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hearing God Speak

An interesting program on Radio National 'Hearing God speak' by Rachael Kohn interviewing Tanya Luhrmann who is a psychological anthroplogist and did her study in two Vineyard Churches in the United States. The denomination which was part of my tribe not so long ago.

Here is part of the blurb::

Do you have to be Jesus to hear God speak? Or just loony? Neither, if you're an Evangelical Christian, for whom hearing God speak is the most treasured part of your prayer life.

If hearing God speak is not unusual, then how can you experience it? Evangelical Christians use prayer, meditation and spiritual exercises which help develop a mind that is open to revelation.

The interview was for me nothing new, it was very respectful of the Vineyard denomination and shed it in a good light.

I am interested in continuing to explore what Tanya has to thing and will be ordering her book at some stage "When God talks back"


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