Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scottish Catholic Cardinal and the hypocrisy of it all


Cardinal O'Brien of the Catholic Church in Scotland recently admitted to inappropriate sexual activities. He was well known for vilification of homosexuals calling them a 'grotesque subversion'.

It doesn't surprise me. I once attended a Church in the early '90's where a guy I was speaking to went off on a rant about homosexuals. I sort of listened but didn't add anything. This again happened a few months latter. This time I pulled him up and said I didn't agree. It was much latter I discovered that he had had previous homosexual relationships.

I came away always to be wary of those who are bigots regarding same sex relationships. They are often the ones who have a personal issues with their sexuality. Much like Cardinal O'Brien.

I feel sorry for any Catholic priest. Chastity is basically unnatural. Its fighting what is deeply ingrained within the majority of all people: our sexuality. It is major part of what makes us human.

I fear more and more of these scandals will continue.


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