Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christian music vs music

I don't have a doubt in my mind, that Christian music vs 'music of the world' is rather insipid. A Nescafé vs the real full freshly roasted and ground espresso. I suppose it the the barriers of what define how a Christian should look which in some way takes away the fullness and honesty of 'music of the world'.
If I was to pick a couple of secular songs which I think touch the creator it would be::
Sing : Travis,
I seem to be able to belt out this chorus, or find myself whistling away to it, often unconsciously. It seems always to be directed towards my creator.
White blank page : Mumford and Sons
There is something about the human condition, about never been perfect that draws me to this song. Is as if you are explaining this to someone much wiser than yourself and the reply is that's ok. The white blank page?
In my life : the Beatles
I once heard Kevin Proshe talk about how the Beatles music was God inspired. I suppose for me I often think of this this Song as a love for God which is eternal. Never as a human relationship as maybe the Beatles intended.
Is there anybody out there : Pink Floyd
I'm pretty sure that Rodger Waters would be horrified that this would be on my list. But I know a prominent Christian leader who was so worked up by this song he flung himself toward Jesus! But it does ask the ultimate question and I think there is an answer. Maybe that I why I'd put it on my list.
There are more, but they come and go as the seasons....

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