Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Secret History of the World, by Mark Booth


The Secret History of the World: By Mark Booth? or Johathan Black?

I thought this would be a fairly interesting book the history of mysticism and occultism. I thought that it would be a fairly objective book to read much like any non-fiction yet it seemed to me the author was totally convinced of the wacky stuffy he waffled. It was the wacky stuff the way he could link the most obscure part of peoples lives into a international conspiracy Write as he believed obscure history is what let the whole thing down.

I should have suspected things were shonkey with most of his research with this from the inside page ::

"The author has been helped in his researches by his friendship with a man who is an initiate of more than one secret society, and in one case an initiate of the highest level."

So why did I continue to read this book? Well I actually think that some people do dabble in the occult and mysticism. Some of these people were important in history. That there is actually a history to this sort of stuff. Where the book fell down completely was the conclusion of the the author that they are all linked and there is some master plan underneath world affairs.

The other thing that I found strange is why the author has two names? Jonathan Black and Mark Booth. Weird.

Rated 1/5 don't touch. I'll wait until Geoffery Blainy gives this subject a go....

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