Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sarah Palin, You Betcha...

I just finished watching the English Channel 4 documentary on Sarah Palin.

I sort of felt sorry for Sarah. I'm sure if she saw the documentary she would cringe, say that it was biased, untrue, out to get her etc etc. But deep deep down, being honest with herself, she would see some truth. Yet I couldn't help thinking that when we deny that we are less than perfect, we deny our humanity. Maybe its an American political thing to never admit fault, certainly with character. (Except obviously when sexual scandels arise which seem often!)

I couldn't help thinking that the way she treated people stemmed from her Christian culture of her most formative years which she was part of Pentecostal. Dualistic in nature: you are either in our out. Boundaries are very well defined. If you are not with us, on the same page on even the smallest detail you are not with us. People agree, and if they don't they stay quiet or leave.

Certainly it works in Church culture some of the largest denominations and Churches are built on dualism. But bringing it into politics just doesn't work as the documentary shows. It just ends of up causing broken relationships, enemys and distrust. Exactly the opposite to what the Gospels were about.



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