Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Casual Vacancy J.K. Rowling


I was interested in what Rowling would produce as her next book. I liked Harry Potter, but I didn't think it was as fabulous as most people raved.

I did get off to a bad start with 'The Casual Vacancy', it seemed almost overwhelming the list of character, but after about page 50 the book got me. The Characters were interesting with there own hidden agendas and hurdles.

I like gritty real novels that reveal real life; I think this book does it with differences of classes within Brittan. The book seemed to remind me of Sue Townsend made famous for her 'Diaries of Adrian Mole'. There was something how it was written that looked cynically about every day life even when all hell was happening around.

My main criticism was the men in the book. They were all hopeless. Either rapists, weak and mentally unsound, pompous, or physical bullies. The only male who seemed any good was Barry Fairweather, and he died in the first chapter.

All up on Goodreads I gave the book 4/5

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