Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is on again..

The same two combatants Abbott and Gillard are at it again for in the Australian elections on the 14th of September. Like last time I'll go with the what the polls pick even this far out. A win to the Liberals.

The interest thing is that both leaders would be the most unpopular in Australian history.

Gillard :: I think that Australians were still in shock after her knocking of Rudd the Labor leader last time. I think time has now crystallised at the dirty thing she she did.

Abbott :: His negativity is the worst I've heard from a politician. I can already hear his negativity when he gets into government , blaming the last government, blaming the economic conditions, blaming God for the weather, blaming...

To be honest I would prefer Malcolm Turnbull.

Still it is a long way out the election. Things can change very quickly...

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