Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Flock

In my time pastoring, a small amount of my time was spent wondering where members stood in our Church. If I had a new idea would they support it or not. If things went pear shaped would they still be there.

We were incredibly blessed at our time; The majority of people there were for us and the style of ministry we brought.

I think there are three types of people in a congregation.

:: Those who are stuck blind by the wisdom you ooze. They follow like blind robots. I didn't have any of these type of people. Though If you are in a cultish Church I'd expect this to be the norm.

::Those who trust you. Maybe not your judgement 100% of the time. But they are gracious enough to watch you fall and still be at your side. I think in our old Church the majority were like this.

:: People who are at your Church, but don't don't want you to be; they stir and agitate. They don't agree with you and let others know. I've had friends in ministry where this was the type of people they were up against constantly. It was a tireless battle.

We had people who came, stayed for a while, got to know us then moved on. Reflectively it was for the best. We weren't there flavor.

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