Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brian McLaren, Naked Spirituality


Most of the time when Brian McLaren puts out a book, I usually end up reading it. It would seem I follow inadvertently topics in his books, which I am interested in at the time. For me they are not always a cracker of a book which I whizz through. Naked Spirituality was on of those books which was a bit of a drag. Not that it wasn't any good, I couldn't put my finger on it.

After 'A New kind of Christianity' which is one of those books which I would put in the 'cracker' camp. I thought that I would summaries the chapters in Naked Spirituality which you can see some where in this blog. It didn't last.

Overall the book is about 'Spirituality', the essence. I couldn't help but think during reading that if you striped the book of biblical references you could pass this on to a non-Christian, who was Spiritual. There is a lot for us to reflect upon for humanity and its spiritual attributes. I was particular interested in the times the book referred to those moments when God is there. In nature, in pain and suffering, in laughter. If anything the books strongest moments were McLaren's references to pain and suffering.



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