Friday, March 30, 2012

Inheritance, Christopher Paolini


I've finished Inheritance by Christopher Paolini and with it the the whole of the inheritance cycle of books. The book like a lot of fantasy novel builds a world with mythical creatures likes elves dragons dwarves etc. Once you read a few of these books you get to feel a bit of a theme coming through no matter who the author. Good verses bad, a dispersal of the good guys and then a final battle of some kind and the good guys get together. The inheritance cycle of books is no different in this respect.

The first couple of books were fresh but the last two dragged a bit for me. Inheritance copied a few ideas of the previous books of kidnapping, and as in all of the books there was the good guys mowing down enemy. Slash, slash slash, it got a bit tiresome in the end.

I think Inheritance was one book in the cycle to many. Inheritance cycle should have been a trilogy. Never the less I did want to see what happened in the end.


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