Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harvey Norman Online

At Christmas time we brought a 40 inch LCD Sony Bravia. One of the first things we do now when we buy anything is do a bit of research on the internet. Both Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi were around the $500-600 While Harvey Norman was literally hundreds of dollars more. JB had free postage but were out of stock. Christina jumped in the car and went to Melbourne and brought the demo for $450 and it hasn't missed a beat. It is still on JB-HI web site for $598 plus free freight.

I was looking today at Harvey web site and our TV which we brought is not available online anymore. But I did notice that a lot of TV's have 'Ask for a Price' and only available in 'store'. I don't think Harvey really gets it, or even wants to be competitive on the internet. Once I see this I just look up other sites. Havey Norman has just been excluded in the mix, of where I would buy.

His complaining about the internet is a self forfilling prophesy, as he sabotages with silly pricing and not actually having the stock to purchase on line.

I have no confidence in an owner of a business who rubbishes there own product

Go Harvey!


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