Thursday, February 23, 2012

Labor, I lower my head and weep

Since 2007 In which Labor brought in hope with a new government, now all is despair. Rudd quitting the front bench only confirmed that all was not well with the labor government leadership. The public can only see a fractured labor, and who wants that sort of leadership running the country. Its terminal.

Rudd:: In many ways brillant, but can he lead others instead of micro manage, I doubt it. His time is up. Having not sided with any of the Labour factions, once his popularity slipped he was gone. He will never be leader again without factional support.

Gillard :: The lady with the knife. She lost the election, but hobbled together a coalition. Poor popularity. The one who went behind Kevin Rudd's back and stole the leadship. Then broken major promices. The only reason she is in power is because of the 'faceless men'. I think she has done well navigating some of the legislation through parlement. Though integrity has a lot of political captial she has zip.

The only hope for Labor is a new leader. I can only see Stephen Smith. Even then I doubt he could defeat Abbot. I doubt that with the fragile numbers in the house of represenatives that the governement will last 3 months. Shame a really.



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