Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodbye Mactalk

There are some RSS feeds which I really enjoy getting, one of them is Mactalk. Mactalk is an Australian website for news on apple as well as a forum where members help others and discuss apple products. I used to really enjoy getting my 'morning news' with a picture of 'Steve Jobs'. Then...

  • The feeds became truncated; meaning that you had to go to the actual website. Painful but a few websites do this so that you visit there site and cast your eyes on some of there adds. The price you often pay for good news.
  • a few months later, everytime you went to the MacTalk site on your ipad I was asked do you want to download some forum application. Again painful
  • After Christmas I was getting 'Sponsered feeds' These had actually no conection at all with anything, Apple. Not what I want on my RSS feed
  • I had noticed when reflecting that there were really no real Australian Apple stories like old times, most were just blah rehashed from other American sites.

A lot of these issues and reasons are discussed in this post from MacTalk; much of which I didn't know. But for me its to late. I can get my news from American sites and my forum lurking will happen at whirlpool.

Its interesting to read that according to alexa, Malktalk pageviews have dropped 33% and bounce has increased 1% to 80% of visitors only go to one page. It looks like I'm not the only one moving on.

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