Friday, January 6, 2012


This is a picture of a Giant Russian sunflower which I planted in our garden. It is huge the plant is larger than myself 175cm + and the flower is much larger than a dinner plate. Beautiful. It greets me every morning with its friends. 

It amazes me that 200 years ago, to get a glimpse of this flower, we had to wait a season for it to bloom. There were no color photos to reveal its glory. No google to dial up an instant image. Sure we had paintings and these did gave us a glimpse. But the real thing....

Ultimately we humans had to wait a season, to have patience to see this type of magnificance. 

It makes me wonder::
- what have we lost to the technology of today?
-how much are the seasons a revalation of God?


steven hamilton said...

that is super awesome scott! reminds me of a poem i wrote a few years ago called 'across the sky of my life':

a friend once
enquired of me – why
do you pray?
i sighed
it’s the sunflower
in me
attending to the radiance
of God’s Presence
across the sky of my life
it’s the bumble bee
in me
seeking beauty
while fostering life
in the wake
of impossibility
it’s the eagle
in me
soaring on the wind
sent as an ambassador
from the place
where heaven meets earth
it’s the child
in me
wondering at love
and wanting to touch
or just be close to
Love Itself

Scott said...

Thanks Steve for your comment. Great poem, it reminds me why you don't need words to pray, just in wonder.