Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Party House'

I've found that where ever you live there are certain terms which are distinct to the area. 

One of the words that I've picked up on Phillip Island is the 'Party House'. I discovered there is one in our estate :: 2 Currawong Close; though this may have ceased it looks like it has now sold. What defines a party house is ::

  • It is a short term rental, usually over the weekend.
  •  Advertise that they sleep 6 or more, 
  • there is usually more than 2 cars crammed around it. 
  • Music that gets played till all hours, 
  • Voices, chatting, yelling disbursed with bad language.
  • Occasionally tents spring up in the backyard.
  • a distinct possibility at some stage the police will be called around. 

Reading the Phillip Island Advertiser this week there was an article where a 'Party house's' sewer line was blocked up with cement. It appears that neighbors had taken matters into there own hands, after repeated attempts by them to contact the owner about the problems had failed.

I suppose for me if you move to the beach you expect this a few weeks of the year. But if it was constant, it would drive me insane.

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