Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sex license

One of the things that I used to joke about with a mate of mine was the well below average age that most Christians couples marry; the reason been 'to get there sex license'. It's quite understandable really that a couple would get married early rather than live burning with unreleased sexual tension or living in complete guilt that they fail the Christian standard. 

I've only known one person who really did the 'sex license' in a reckless way; I wish I could have cautioned him... Even at the time I knew words could not stop him. 'God' was speaking.  Move without even spending a few weeks in her company, to a new non-english country, new culture. Doomed...

The only thing holding them together is a 'God' who 'told' them they were matched. Later they start detesting each other and the God who had got it wrong. 

The sex license can be a horrid thing. 

The unfortunate thing about the sex licence is the guilt for those who slip up prior to marriage. Just about every leader that I've ever discussed this topic with to any depth has confessed that, yes, they had sex before marriage. It makes me wonder why no sex prior to marriage is so well entrenched with Christians? Maybe these leaders are just wanting to live vicariously, place ideals on others that they themselves were never able to achieve?

One thing I am sure about is that biblically we live in a completely differn't culture; and often things are just not clear for us today. What is clear is that the way we use money, treat others is way below the biblical mandate.

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