Friday, January 27, 2012

Final Impact World War 2.3: John Birmingham

Final Impact World War 2.3: John Birmingham

This series is basically about a twenty first naval armada which ended up in some type of time warp and ended up in the middle of War War Two. Final impact doesn't actually finnish where the last book designated targets 2.2 ended. There are gaps in what happened to Hoover, and naval officer Dan Black. They are explained but in a past tense. I'm not sure I liked this.

Militarily it is a noval of technological catch up, as well as political decisions on an international scale. I especially like wondering about the 'what ifs', with the politics. In the end Birmingham goes with the same outcome as the actual war. The Allies win. 

But I'm not as sure, if Stailin knew that communism would fail, that he would be looked on as just as evil as Hitler for eternity. I think he might have had a go at the peak of communist power against the Allies. 

I think this would make a good movie lots of action as well as lots to think about. Some great twists especialy at the end.



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