Thursday, December 8, 2011

Without Warning, by John Birmingham

I would say way of my favorite sort of genre is alternate history. 'Without Warning' is a novel where the main premies is that the majority of the Unitied States disappears, just prior to the American invasion of Iraq. What interested me was the myriad  of permutations of what could happen if the United States did disappear. Instability in the Middle East, Africa, Europe. Financial institutions collapsing, Gold becoming the most important currency. 

I cannot help but think at times what a precarious hold on life we have in this world, working in paliative care reinforces this continuously. But what would happen with a disasster on a global scale, a huge meteor, nuclear war, extreme climate change? Maybe this novel is a wake up call?

It was a good book a 4/5. There were a few jumps history with some of the characters which didn't make scene. Like how did that guy become President?

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