Wednesday, December 21, 2011

David Cameron

An interesting article in 'The Age' regarding British Prime Minister David Cameron and his spin on Religion in his country. It was mainly about the a general 'moral decline' and how religon has a place in aresting this decline. It was in light of the recent riots in his country. Also of interest was his own personal admission:

Mr Cameron also disclosed details of his own faith following criticism from atheist Richard Dawkins that he was ''not really a Christian''. ''I am a committed, but I have to say, vaguely practising, Church of England Christian, who will stand up for the values and principles of my faith,'' Mr Cameron said. But he added he was ''full of doubts'' and ''constantly grappling'' with the big theological issues.

I find this an honest answer. One that most people can relate to. It does underline that what people took for granted 50-100 years ago with Christianity, an unwavering faith; is not the case anymore. The ideas of pluralism, deconstruction are mainstream thoughts. The Church needs overcome these hurdles.  Then the moral compass may return. 

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