Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brian May

I' ve been a looking at some Brian May you tube interviews after watching the two part Queen documentary on the ABC. 

The above clip I thought was insightful. Having a Doctorate in physics as well as been a creative musician he has a view of the world that others don't.  So his discussion on 'Is there a God' question I thought was good. His ideas on the whole idea of 'presence'; it makes sense to me.

The other part of the interview I liked was when May talks about his overcoming depression. How he had to 'throw every thing away'.  To use a a computer analagy 'reboot'.  That he had to go about life in a differn't way with 'new tools' to face life challenges because the old ones weren't working anymore, even just to survive. May came through this period with a renewed energy.

This discussion remined me very much of the ideas behind, repentence: The leaving behind the old ways of doing things, which are harmful to yourself and others. Though I would say repentence has the connotation of been religious. Confessing your sins and not doing the evil things anymore; to use religous language. The 'new tools' would be living in a religous context. 
I'm fairly convinced that it one of those univerals of humanity to come to a place of needing to look at your life, and needing to reboot, and living with some 'new tools' to help you get through. Some need to do it more than once.

Working in palliative care you can often see people and know where they are on the 'reboot' scale. Because of their condition of looking death in the eye, they have a choice, fighting doing as they always done; or maybe still fighting, but at least evaluated life in the face of death, having a peace about how things are going.  (and yes this is a huge simplification)


Debate Popular - Julio said...

A genius but I can not believe how old he is. I do not think so.

Scott said...

Julio, he has certainly aged, compared to the 80's clips. But considering the life style, he's aged well.