Friday, December 30, 2011

Creative tension

I was looking through my itunes library and noticed that Pink Floyd has a very high rotation. It had me pondering about the break up between them and Rodger Waters. He was undoubdedly the creative force within the band while he was there. Yet he was tempered especially with David Gilmore. It was what I would describe as the creative tension within the band. A synergy between its members.  It is what makes good musicians  in a band, a great band. 

When Rodgers left Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd floundered a bit yet found that equalibrium of creativity with some new song writers and I think 'A Momenary Lapse of Reason' was a good follow up to the Rodger Water days. 

Yet when you listen Rodger Waters solo Albums they are pretty insipid. Radio K.A.O.S to me just seems self indulgent. It seemed to really lack a tempering which other members in a band can bring. Now all we have is Rodger Waters continually touring 'The Wall' all over the world since 1990 in Berlin.

For me I can help wondering what would have happened if both Gilmore and Waters weren't so proud. We would probably have had another 20 years of really good Pink Floyd music. In retrospect I bet they wished they had made more effort.

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