Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baptist minister Gone

As reported in 'The Age' yesterday, Baptist minister Matt Glover was secretly dismissed for his support of same sex marriage. Some thoughts-

-Working within an institution such as the Baptist Church is alway going to be a hard gig. I take my hat off to him for been honest. There would be a lot more pastors who would have the same opinion but find it easier to lie or brush off the topic (I actually know some!).

-What did it mean two to four thousand years ago for a man and wife to leave there family and become one? Is it about 'fruitfulness' or a loving relationship? I suspect it is meant to be both. 

Either way I think the idea of equality is by far the higher principle. In some ways I don't think society can escape this. Same sex marriage will happen but not for a long time, it won't go through this parliment.

Maybe a way around the whole issue is having 'Civil marriages' and 'denominational religious marriage', where the denomination has the choice to marry or not to marry same sex couples. 

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