Thursday, March 3, 2011

Universalism and Rob Bell

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One of the more refreshing theologians Rob Bell has caused quite a stir with evangelicals with who claim that his new book yet to come out 'Love Wins', advocates 'universalism' everyone gets to heaven.
Its an interesting charge because his new book hasn't even come out yet. It seems to be speculation or good marketing!
It reminded me of a blog post regarding Rob Bell and homosexuality, which I penned a few years ago. It turned out that again the person making the accusations had not read any of Rob Bells material and his ammunition came from a Pentecostal church somewhere in Tasmania.

I find it interesting how quick people jump to conclusion without real wisdom of pondering.

Universalism yet is an interesting charge. I've found in a lot of my readings theologicans and writers on the edge of wavering towards universalism. I name Brain Mclaren and Baxter Kruger (Love that name!)

For me the edge is the place to be. I'm still a believer in justice. Yet I don't think justice and universalism fit easily together. Yet I know that grace and universalism do. Grace and love are everything about God. So I'm on the edge.

It would be interesting a Church where there was a strong conviction of universalism. Much of the moral compass of the Church would disappear. Everyone would be accepted because the playing field has been flattened. Everyone is in. Maybe it would become a place of caring for the soul.

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