Sunday, February 27, 2011

Around the garden, heading into autumn

Well its been a bit of time since I took any photos. Pretty happy with how things are going considering we only got going at it 5 months ago from scratch. So some of the bounty::

Pumpkin delicata mini non running pumpkin, from the 6 plants I think we will crop 40-60 pumkins! Anyone know how you store these babies?

Broccoli Waltham, About 6 plants that have heads and have meant to have side shoots as well. Had a lot of trouble with Cabbage moth but once we found what we where looking for. *squish*

Four tomato plants spewing with tomatoes yet nothing is ripe! Not sure what sort of tomato we have but it looks like some sort of cherry. Christina is happy with this.

Artichokes ripe and ready. Although we are unsure of how to cook them.

Rattlesnake climbing bean, should be harvested for four months!

Cucumber, havn't a clue what variety they are. A lot of male flowers not many females. No produce yet.

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