Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post Function...

Recently I went to function where the majority where evangelical leaders of the extrovert variety, with lots of name dropping. It was on many levels a struggle. Those who know me, know that I am fairly introverted, these sort of events just make me feel I want to curl up even more. The other was the realisation that I've moved on from their understanding of Christian faith.

This event crystallised much in my mind some of the faith differences

It seems that a huge aspect of evangelical faith is the relationship with God and the Great Commission. It seemed the coincidences of life always in conversation pointed to God and a relationship. That there is often a non-deliberate and deliberate invitation for others to follow, to become Christians.


The Kingdom of God is what I work towards, social justice, compassion, ecco-responsibility, simplicity and peace, for me my relationship with God is a buy product of these thing. If God speaks, it is through these things. If people follow and get on board that is a buy product.

Its not as straight forward as a 'personal relationship' but then I think people, myself once included, think that it will be like a human to human relationship, 'personal'. It in reality not the case. Its one of the reasons I've changed my understanding of Christianity.
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Tim Jeffries said...

I'm with you mate. We'll have to reschedule visiting with you guys. It'd be great to talk more in person. Hope you're all well.

Scott said...

Yep love to have the family down to the island. I'm sure we have a lot to catch up on.