Monday, March 14, 2011

Not hearing Gods voice

I once went to an induction for a pastor of a medium size church of the denomination which I was part of. It was a Church which had had it difficulties, major conflicts and financial issues. I thought even at that time the pastors position  as the 'poisoned chalice'.

I went along and what I heard amazed me. Leader after leader talked of the supernatural appointment of this new minister. Amazing coincidences that could only have been from God. Not only from the churches and denomination side but also from the newly appointed pastor. I was convinced, my faith was restored.

A year latter, this Church closed shop amongst a fireball of accusations, finger pointing and broken disillusioned people some who would never step back into a church.

God's voice is difficult to decipher.  My example reveals that even the 'professionals' get it wrong. These days I would rather think that co-incidences are just that. If you ask they occur just as much outside as inside the 'institution'. But they can be just as bad as they are good. Look at the person who is fit, healthy and cops cancer. The bad luck occurs just as much in the Church!

Yes hard to decipher, yet I think it is there. Not in the 'Personal' scene that often associated with been 'saved'. It is sacred, shared with the intimacy which is only found on a wedding night.

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