Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A big God

I've had a few questions on why we are going to the Uniting Church. My off the cuff answer is that 'they have a bigger God'. If I was to explain it more fully I'd say that they express and practice expresses a God who is more generous, forgiving, loving in a way which does not have the conditions applied.
When I write 'practice' it is in the terms of declaring it from the pulpit, as well treating everyone with true equality no matter what they are present or past.
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Rebecca said...

Ok, and as someone else who has just started going to an Uniting Church, can you explain this a little more? I have always liked the Uniting Church though, as a general rule there is so much focus on mission in terms of the poor, the oppressed and even the environment.

Scott said...

Maybe there is a post in this Bec, stay tuned....