Thursday, November 4, 2010

Victoiran Election:: Bass a political backwater

I've never lived in an area where services and infrastructure are so poor. I've written about the health issues on Phillip Island before::

It would be the largest town in the state without a proper medial coverage.
(Phillip Island has a population 7000,  in 2001, Wanthaggi has a hospital 6500 in 2001, Koorumbura a population 4500 has a hospital. In summer the population can be 50000 with all the tourists).

It makes me wonder why this is the case and one of the answers that seems to come up is that we live in a liberal strong hold. The liberals are the only one who make any promises of any infrastructure because labour has given up on these sort of seats.  I don't blame labour either. Why would you set aside any money for a region if you don't get any return.
When I lived in Bendigo,  a swinging seat, there where always new things on the go. A new police station, a new hospital. Money was promised everywhere from both sides of politics.

The other odd thing about Phillip Island is that the population estimates are 40,000 to 60,000 in Summer. Been conservative the council rates would be for 30,000 people. Yet the infrastructure is on barely for 10,000 people.

So In many ways I see the only way to get out of the rut that the electorates of Bass and Flinders is in is to get an independent or at least for the Labour vote to get to a whisker of winning.

Here is my short list of infurstucture which needs to take place::

Better medical system::
Hospital with at least a medical/surgical emergency ward
A bulk billing GP clinic that is opened at least 5 days a week
Secondary College
Gass on the island
Swimming pool. (We have the Ocean but no where to teach kids to swim)

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