Saturday, November 20, 2010

Victoiran election 2010 :: Coaltion water policy

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This week we received our water bill. After living in a situation in our last house where we survived totally on tank water. I was surprised at the the breakdown of costs of consumption. Out of a bill of $312, only $28 was for actual consumption.
The recommended water consumption per day for one person is 155 litres. Out of a family of four our total daily usage is 177 litres. We are using less than 50 litres per person.
What is frustrating in this situation is that you can be doing the right thing. Limiting your water usage and yet there is no reward or incentive for doing so.

So it was with relief that I read in 'The Age' Victorian Coalitions water policy::

Household water bills would be calculated so that at least 60 per cent of the cost would be determined by consumption, potentially reducing the impact of fixed costs on bills.
I think that its a good start but I would push the calculation to up to 80% to make a read differnce.
I also thought that the coalitions policy idea of using storm water instead of building more dams and desal plants as a really good initiative. No mention of the desal in Bass though...

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