Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday nights

Interesting interview on Sunday Nights with John Cleary and John Bodycome on the ABC.

Cleary described Bodycome as the 'Australian' equivalent of Jack Spong. Which I think after listening to the interview I thought was a fair description.

Some thoughts

::After listening to this stuff I don't really know what to believe.
::I'm thankful that for the Uniting Church that people can have the freedom to think differently about Christian faith.
:: Liked Bodycome's answer of how he thought that Jesus was the way for him, yet didn't discount other faiths
:: Disagreed with his answer on why the Uniting Church was in decline. I think you can have a 'progressive' theology with a contemporary service. It seems to me that the Uniting Churches I've been in have a 'progressive' theology with a service which is very old and caters for its aging congregation.
:: Will try to get hold of his book...

You can listen to the interview here

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