Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Polls, Polls

Results from the latest Roy Morgan face to face poll carried out 3 and 4th of October::

If a Federal election were held now the ALP would retain Government according to the latest Face-to-Face Morgan Poll.
The ALP primary vote is 44% (up 3.5%), well ahead of the L-NP 38.5% (down 2.5%). Support for the minor parties shows the Greens 12% (down 1%) and Others/ Independents 5.5% (unchanged).
The Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating is 125.5pts (down 2.5pts), with 53.5% (unchanged) of Australians confident that Australia is ‘heading in the right direction,’ compared to 28% (up 2.5%) that say Australia is ‘heading in the wrong direction.’ The latest weekly Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rating for the weekend of October 2/3, 2010, was 122.9 (up 1.5pts).

Some thoughts::

::This poll was prior to Tony Abbots gaff about wanting to sleep rather than visit the troops in Afgahanastan. Bad news for coalition, and no excuses.
::Tony who was more reconcillitory during the election appears to be back in his 'oppose everything', head kicker self. I don't think the Australian public will be to keen on this.
::Tony now after all the election publicity where Australians got to know him will now be more recognised and scrutinised. Double standards which you could get away with as a minister will be watched and remember now with the bigger profile.


If Tony dosn't change his ways been a 'wrecker' will  stick:
Turnbull opposition mates will start to gather momentum.
For things to change Tony needs to genuinely  start to be a bit more diplomatic. Make some genuine middle ground moves.

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