Friday, October 8, 2010

Its gone...Climate assembly

The citizens assembly on climate change has gone. Not supprising it was a poor idea.

I could see, as Julia was defending the 'Citizens assembly' during the campaign, her mind ticking over; *who thought up this idea!!*

As I wrote during the election campaign::

The problem I see with it is that their is no actual leadership in a citizens assembly. I would rather vote for an environmental plan than somthing that 'might' happen. It's just to wishy washy for me.

Probably a good idea as 'opposition Abbott' would just bag everything out of it even if was a good idea.

Better just having this committee of parliamentarians and then leading stongly from it.

Tony has with his negative stance, let down the conservative side of politics, not allowing anyone on the committee. Thus no conservative influence on environmental policy in Australia.
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