Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Danny Nalliah back from the dead

Interesting The Age's Barney Zwartz wrote an interesting article about Danny Nalliah; and how Danny prayer for a dead elderly women and she came back from death.

Yes I believe in miracles. I've seen people who where in palliative care and discharged alive to live many many normal years. I've been in code blue situations where a persons heart has stopped and they have been brought back. I've also seen miracles of peoples circumstances changing. Broken relationships restored, people coming back from dire financial situations. 
Yet when I see miracles in a 'Christian' situation I'm not sure. There is a 'pack' mentality. An encouraging which builds and builds. In the end its as if they have talked the 'pack' in to believing that a miracle has occurred. Not surprisingly you see it as well with clairvoyants on television shows.
I would have liked Barney To have given some context to the miracle. It sounded like a Christian tour of the Holy Land. Where Danny was the guide.

The other interesting thing I found with the article is how 'Barny' has almost given an endorsement of Danny Nalliah. You just have to look at his wikipedia page to shake your head.

In his candicy for Famil First on his brochre he wrote
 "parishioners to pray that God would pull down "Satan's strongholds", which included brothels, gambling places, bottle shops, mosques and temples (including Freemason, Buddhist and Hindu temples)"
Then for the black saturday bushfires
Nalliah claimed he had received "prophetic dreams" on October 21 2008 that these bushfires were a "consequence" of Victoria's decriminalisation of abortion in 2008
I just love this story of Ghandhi:: (From John Mark ministries)

A Hindu, Gandhi nevertheless admired Jesus and often quoted from the Sermon on the Mount. Once when the missionary E. Stanley Jones met with Gandhi he asked him, “Mr. Gandhi, though you quote the words of Christ often, why is that you appear to so adamantly reject becoming his follower?”
Gandhi replied, “Oh, I don’t reject your Christ. I love your Christ. It’s just that so many of you Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Ahhh I think Ghandhi  had something here....

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