Thursday, September 16, 2010

Election 2010 :: NBN

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If their was one key election issue winner or looser it was the National Broadband.
To be honest I was suprised that Abbott didn't go along with the vision of NBN for Australia's sake. The usual opposition line is.
"...We will honour any previous government commitments..."
Well as time has shown the rural independents have decided the issues with one of their main reasons been the NBN.

The other failure which I think can be seen by Tony Smiths move from the shadow communication portfolio is their inability to actually sell their alternative. The press conference was a joke. Tony Abbott didn't show, Andrew Robb looked like he was running the show and overshadowed Tony Smith the Coalitions expert. 

I don't think the liberals will make the same mistake again. I think Abbott has already reflected upon this with putting Malcolm Turnbull in the shadow minister for communication.
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